About the Journal

Advances in Water Science(AWS) is an academic journal with water as its theme of discussion.It introduces new findings, concepts, theories, and methods developed in the research of the hydrosphere; it reflects up-to-date advances and trends in the area of storms, floods, droughts, water resources, and water environment. All subjects related to water are covered, involving atmospheric science, hydrology, oceanography, limnology, environmental science, geography, geology, water resources engineering, hydraulics and hydro-dynamics, ecology, and relevant social sciences.

AWS endeavors to manifest itself with the following features:

It views the hydrosphere both as a whole and as a sub-system of the earth, reports research results in an all-round way.

It promotes interactions among various disciplines and developments of frontier sciences.

It encourages the creation of new disciplines and supports new scientific Ideas.

The Editorial Board of AWS is composed of leading Chinese scientists in water science.

AWS(ISSN 1001-6791) has been published continuously since December 1990, bimonthly respectively.

AWS is a contribution to the International Hydrological Programme (IHP) and is endorsed by the Chinese National Committee for the IHP and the Division of Water Sciences, UNESCO.Its contents have been published in IHP INFORMATION.

AWS is an important channel for readers to be aware of latest achievements of water science in China, and to get in touch with Chinese water scientists.

Although AWS has been published in Chinese, abstracts and the notes of figures and tables in English would be helpful to non-Chinese reader.