The importance of comprehensively improving the quality of cadres from the perspective of changes in the economic situation


  • Bridger, Alec ,Edison ,Kingsley Author


cadre quality,, economic situation,, comprehensive improvement,, firm establishment,, leading cadres


Since 1984, the Hebei Provincial Water Conservancy Engineering Bureau was designated by the provincial government as an extra-budgetary institution that "earns its own revenue, is responsible for its own profits and losses, turns in quotas, and does not make up for losses". Now it has gone through a process It has been a difficult journey of 12 years. In the past 12 years, our bureau, like other state-owned enterprises across the country, has experienced several economic reform stages such as "delegating power and transferring profits, comprehensive contract responsibility system, transforming the enterprise operating mechanism, and currently establishing a modern enterprise system." The whole team sang the "Internationale", saved themselves, sang the "Entrepreneurship Song", united and worked hard, and with the spirit of "self-improvement, self-reliance and self-rescue", after hard work in recent years, the production and operation There have been gratifying changes, especially in the past three years, in 1994, the output value was 90.3831 million yuan, and 1.762 million yuan reduced the loss; in 1995, the output value was 129 million yuan, with a profit of 180,000 yuan; in the first half of 1996, the company achieved The output value is 89 million yuan, and the initial profit is more than 500,000 yuan